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IRAC Brief and Torts Scenario Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

IRAC Brief and Torts Scenario - Coursework Example ly based on the flooding associated with Sandy.† (Butts, 2015) The rule used in deciding the case was from the Executive Order 165 and Order 163 while the insurance policy acted as the agreement document. The plaintiff’s insurance cover excluded the case of losses or damages that were caused indirectly or directly by the floods. It covered only the losses or damages that were caused â€Å"by order of a civil authority as a direct result of a Covered Cause of Loss to property in the immediate area.† (Butts, 2015) Bamundo, Zwal and Schermerhorn main cause of loss was Sandy storm which is a flooding condition. The evacuation was, therefore, not a cause of loss to the plaintiff’s but a precautionary act to avoid further loss. In case, the civil authority acted out of no natural forces to evacuate the plaintiff’s then the case’s verdict would have favored them. The major cause of the loss to the plaintiff is the floods conditions, therefore, the insurance company are not suppose to compensate the plaintiff. The civil authority evacuation order was a precautionary act that whose cause was the flooding condition. The judge’s ruling is right and the facts and arguments that are provided are reasonable and make sense. Personal property is a property that is movable contrary to real estate or real property. In common law it can be referred to as personalty or chattels while in civil law it is called movables or immovable property. It can be classified in the form of tangibles and intangibles, whereby, the tangibles include clothing, furniture and jewelry while intangibles include negotiable instruments and securities (Burke & Snoe, 2008). Real property is a kind of property attached to land directly and includes the land itself (Burke & Snoe, 2008). It includes buildings, other structures, interests and rights. The real property can be categorized as either residential or rental. Intellectual property is a broad group of intangibles that have a company as

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