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Classroom Reflection - 1538 Words

After observing in Jihan’s classroom for the Teach phase of this project, my group members and I met to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the classroom and identify areas that needed support for our selected students. From the articles we have read in class, we know that in order to learn a language a child requires the opportunity to be exposed to the language and hear it used and the opportunity to practice using it. With this in mind, we used the Communication Supporting Classrooms Observation Tool designed by Dockrell and her colleagues to examine the language learning environment, the language learning opportunities, and language learning interactions supported by the classroom and teachers. Overall, we found that Jihan’s†¦show more content†¦We then transitioned into presenting our observations of each child and the strategy selected for them. Each pair began by validating the teacher’s initial concerns about their selected student, listing t he ELL student’s strengths, and stating challenges and concerns that were noticed during the observations. This was also important to the meeting because we were able to express our objective observations of the ELL student from an outside perspective and explain how it matched the valuable information the teachers provided during our initial meeting. Each pair then presented a language support strategy for their ELL student that they believed could be beneficial in supporting their language development. For Ahmed, my partners and I suggested using parallel talk because he needs a great deal of rich English language input to support the development of his expressive language skills in English. His overall receptive language skills and expressive language skills in his primary language were typically developing and therefore, did not need to be supported. Parallel talk will expose him to multiple, diverse words in the English language and demonstrate their usage in context. Th e information about parallel talk and the other ELL student strategies were complied into a handout that was provided to the teachers. The handout also included the following strategies for all of the students in the classroom: fill in the blank,Show MoreRelatedReflection On The Classroom Observation1469 Words   |  6 PagesClassroom Observations Introduction I chose to observe Mrs. Tijerina for my classroom observation. There are many reasons why I decided to observe Mrs. Tijerina. I elected to observe Mrs. Tijerina so I could see another teacher’s perspective on teaching Spanish, as she and Mrs. Fiechter are the only Spanish teachers in the school. Furthermore, I never had Mrs. Tijerina for Spanish 2, as the teacher I had left Adams Central. Additionally within the hour I was observing, there were many sophomoreRead MoreReflection On Classroom Management1181 Words   |  5 PagesThis assignment asks for â€Å"one particular memorable classroom or school situation when you were a student that if you had been the teacher, you would have handled differently. As the teacher in that setting, how would you have brought resolution to the conflict?† I decided to approach this assignment with some liberties of a self-reflection of my own personal classroom management as a substitute teacher this previous Tuesday, October 31, 20 17, in singular 9th grade Algebra class in which authorityRead MoreA Reflection On Classroom Management1704 Words   |  7 Pagesmale students and 36% female students. No inclusion students or aides were present in these classes. I. Classroom Management Classroom management is defined as the â€Å"techniques used to maintain a healthy living environment, relatively free of behavior problems† (Woolfolk). Classroom management is a combination of four areas: seatwork, organization, withitness and assignments. Seatwork in classroom management involves making sure that the work given to students will keep them interested and on taskRead MoreClassroom Reflection1144 Words   |  5 Pagescame in and immediately stated that â€Å"Science is not about beliefs, but about accepting the theories and laws that have supporting evidence.† She waited a few moments, and once again, repeated the same phrase; when she finished, she said â€Å"In this classroom, we will not question anyone’s faith or beliefs; we will, however, will focus on gathering evidence and understanding the underlying principles of the theory of evolution.† Throughout the semester, as I encountered ideas that were inconsistent andRead MoreClassroom R eflection1500 Words   |  6 Pagesas to how to become a better educator in a classroom setting. Through the data I collected I was able to connect Borich’s Seven Variables of learning to the students. By being in the clinical setting for nearly two months, I have been exposed to new ways of thinking when it comes to structuring a classroom and instructing a classroom. Within this reflection you will find out how I would better plan an effective lesson for the pupils in my future classroom. You will also discover what I will do aboutRead MoreClassroom Reflection1017 Words   |  5 Pagesconcepts that will stick with me for years. I learned that there are many ways in which to facilitate peer learning that doesn’t just mean talking to people from a PowerPoint. There are fun and new ways that we can present and engage learning within a classroom. I also learned that facilitating peer learning means a lot more than just listening to what the students must say or just talking at them. Facilitating peer learning encompasses everything from having to help give ideas to peers that they mightRead MoreClassroom Reflection1256 Words   |  6 PagesMy experience was informational. I was able to see how my students are inside the classroom environment with my teacher how they are in art. I was also able to observe another classroom and see how they differ from my class. All of these are completely different spaces where the children act differently. Comparing these different environments provided a unique insight into how these children act differently depending on who is around. Having been with these children a lot now, I have the abilityRead MoreClassroom Reflection739 Words   |  3 Pages Although my principal observed my classroom instruction as mandated, she never visited my classroom again. When she retired at the end of my sixth-year teaching, my principal had not formally evaluated in years. Mercy’s current principal arrived in the fall of 2012, and she made plans to visit classrooms regularly. I was initially nervous, but I felt hopeful at the same time. She frequently performed informal walk-throughs, and she conducted formal classroom observations that year. UnfortunatelyRead MoreClassroom Reflection809 Words   |  4 Pageshelpful with engagement in the classroom. The Industrial Tic Tac Toe caught my eyes because I am actually using it to complete this assignment and it gives me complete autonomy over my work, which is the point. When trying to engage students, I learned from the guidelines, is that you should give your students autonomy and when you give them choices, theyre more willing to engage. Using the Tic Tac Toe assignment is a good way for engagement. When I have my classroom of 6th graders, I want to useRead MoreClassroom Reflection1018 Words   |  5 Pagesthat were taking place in the classroom. Before the class started, however, she introduced me to the class for the sake of making the children comfortable with my presence around them. The time that I spent in the classroom was enough for me to make a right amount of critical observations. I managed to get a lesson plan from her, which contained the learning outcomes that she aimed to achieve by the end of the lesson. Through observing what was happening in the classroom and how she conducted her class

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