Sunday, July 28, 2019

Human Resources Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Human Resources - Research Paper Example One of the core roles of HR is to support workplace safety teaching and upholding rules for workplace injury and casualty reporting. Moreover, HR safety and risk experts often work closely with HR to manage compensation issues for the workers. Compliance with work and employment regulations is a key HR function. Failure to comply result in employee’s and general dissatisfaction with working settings that affect output and eventually, profitability. HR team must be alert of national and government employment rules and many other rules and regulations (Lussier, & Hendon, 2013).All personnel people participate in research activities. HR conduct research to get evidences and information about employees details in order to come up with and maintain a program that works. Through a well-designed research for instance survey, worker’s views can be collected on salaries, welfare services among others. It is therefore the sole duty of the HR to collect wholesome and current employee records are essential for most personnel functions. â€Å"Human resource managers must also create, administer and improve your compensation and benefit structures. Retaining excellent associates depends on many factors. Outstanding pay and benefits are two critical factors that will ultimately determine how well your employees feel about your organization and the likelihood that they will remain with your company in the future† Mondy & Gowan (2005). Constructing an effective compensation system and determining the best benefits package for all of your employees are skills that are mandatory for your HR manage It is very expensive to recruit employees. It is also a significant component of business and doing it properly counts. Choosing the right employee for a particular job, training them well and appropriately treating them, motivate these employees to produce good results and want to stay longer in the organization. In such situations, the organization’s original and

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