Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Taking care of two kids and managing profession Essay

Taking care of two kids and managing profession - Essay Example My heart started beating fast. I had applied for a job at this firm in Jacksonville, as a Program Management Assistant, and it had been four days and I hadn’t heard for them. I eagerly checked my mail, and there it was; an email from that firm. My hands trembled as I moved the cursor and clicked on the mail. And then there it was, written clear as crystal. I had been selected and was invited to start work at the firm. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this really happening? I knew that it was too early to get excited, as I still had other issues to work out. I live in Hawaii, and moving to Florida was a huge and difficult step. I grew up in Hawaii and almost everyone in town knew me. Plus, I had friends and relatives here, and my children had become used to this place. My excitement was gradually waning, and I found myself lost in these thoughts.I knew that I couldn’t take this decision, without consulting my children, so I went to their bedroom and woke them up. S urprisingly, they did not react much to this news and took it quite calmly. I did emphasize that how important this job was to me, and that I was only doing it for them and to secure their future, but I didn’t put much pressure on them and asked them to take their time. After this, I ambled outside the room and waited. Not much time had passed by when the door creaked open and both my children walked out. This was one of the happiest moments of my life, and I was so thrilled to realize that how supportive my children were.

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