Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Farm Bill 2014 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Farm Bill 2014 - Research Paper Exampledent Barrack Obama sign(a) the bill into law after a successful procedure of amendment by the United States house representatives and United States senate (Wfan.org 2). The bill signed to law has an investment work out of over $489 billion which targets innovative programs to boost agriculture in the next five years (Wfan.org 2).The agriculture Act of 2014 is a powerful tool with all important(predicate) legislation will ensure that millions of American citizens have a huge historic gain. The bill aims at creating new jobs for Americans across the rural setups (Wfan.org 2). Moreover, agriculture markets fit to the bill will be expanded primarily locally and internationally. This will ensure the farm produce harvested argon sold quickly in the high hat markets globally.It should be noted that this farm Bill 2014 already signed into law by president Obama of United States of America is one of the greatest move American government has taken wh ich will save tax payers over $24 billion (Sustainableagriculture.net 4). This is due to the reforms the law supersedes that will make farming easier and ensure seasonable accessibility to market. To begin with, the law has stated clear directives concerning agriculture commodities. Farming is one of the most unique profession businesses that face much risk for workout bad weather, natural calamities and poor marketing.The bill has clearly terminated direct payments, strengthened crop insurance and also encouraged innovative risk solicitude approaches (Sustainableagriculture.net 4). This specifically will enable farmers to gain more assistance in farm production primarily when their farm is threatened by various risks emanating factors which are beyond control (Sustainableagriculture.net 4).In addition to this, the bill also ended direct farm payment to millionaire (Sustainableagriculture.net 4). To expand on this, it is clear that farmers with adjusted megascopic income (AGI) wh ich hits $900000 and above are ineligible for payment from farm

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