Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Persuasive Research Paper on Abortion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Persuasive Research Paper on Abortion - Essay physical exertione in favor of unrivalled direction over the other, are events such as rape, the certain death of the mother or baby if the maternal quality is allowed to continue and cases of incest. The purpose of this paper is to discuss abortion in both a political, moral and feminist light with respect to all of the educated arguments that currently surround the issue.Let us first discuss the most common reasons for one to decide to have an abortion. Abortion is often an alternative to accidental pregnancies or rather, pregnancies which are not planned. Specifically in the case of teen girls who have engaged in un sheltered sex. In many a(prenominal) cases, these young teens are not only feeling alone and frightened, but are fearful of the response that their parents may have at the news of their daughters pregnancy. In many states, a young girl can procure a legal abortion without the consent or knowledge of her parents. While t his does well to illuminate children born(p) into situations where they will not be cared for properly, it also creates the appearance that abortion is simply a contraceptive method no different than condoms or birth check into pills. This could not be farther from the truth. While it is unclear even to scientists and doctors, when to accurately say that a human fetus is alive, it is a daring assumption to practice that a fetus at any point in development is decidedly not a human being yet and therefore not protected from the act of homicide.Certainly, a womans body is her own and that fact is undisputable, period. It is important however, to consider that once a woman knowingly engages in the act of intercourse at which time she can feasible become responsible for another living organism growing inside of her which will one day be a human being, that woman becomes representative of two lives and not just one, her own. In this event, the woman should be subject to laws which acti vely protect both her and the individual growing within her. This is a very clear course of

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