Friday, June 21, 2019

Skate America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Skate America - Essay ExampleTwo of the most prevalent online competitors are A1 Skateboards and piece Skateboards. A1 Skateboards uses person marketing, taking it a bit farther with customization options. Skateboards and accessories are also offered by product line or brand, just as with Skate America. factor Skateboards takes a different approach, using event marketing. Information about X-Games dates and locations takes up most of the home page with its severe black and red color scheme. though this online retailer is listed as a skateboard supplier, the product list and links are difficult to see. Skate America does an excellent job in design, newspaper publisher and presentation of its web site. Attractive, yet not too busy, the site provides links to brand or professional line products, as well as others. artwork are pleasant and eye-catching, without distracting viewers. Its red, white and blue scheme works well with the design and fits its short and easily recongnized nam e. Strengths for this online seller are design and appropriate weft of products. Weaknesses are lack of personalization such as the customizable skateboards that A1 Skateboards offers and failure to promote skateboarding and skating, by providing topics or information of interest. Skate America attempts to direct its efforts toward all skateboarders and skaters. while the product and brand offerings are more than adequate, its difficult to determine who the intended audience with its generic feel.

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