Friday, September 27, 2019

Data mining approach for smoking cessation management system using Research Paper

Data mining approach for smoking cessation management system using M-health - Research Paper Example Available programs are expensive and do not met the standard of common citizen. Development of a cheap and more avoidable mean, using readily available material like mobile phones will assist smokers who want to quit smoking (Abroms, Padmanabhan, Thaweethai & Phillips, 2011, p-279). Data mining is process of extracting valuable information on given subject from data store. The information will then be used to give conclusion on subject matter. Different variables of smokers like age, sex are extracted using different techniques like classification, recognition and clustering. It is then used to monitor smoking cessation process. The m-health system will guide smoker quit smoking by providing online help and assistance through use of mobile technology this is accessible to almost everyone (Abroms, Padmanabhan, Thaweethai & Phillips, 2011, p-280). The system will assist smokers cheaply quit smoking using m-health and data mining technique. The program was motivated by the consequences of smoking on the public health and economy of the country, and will be targeting smoking in Saudi Arabia. (Bassiony,

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