Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Easy A Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Easy A - Essay Example The next Monday, the two goes to the bathroom, and Rhiannon asks about Olive’s encounter with the college student. Olive lies that she lost her virginity with the fictitious boyfriend on the same weekend. Marianne (Amanda Bynes) overheard the conversation. She then proceeded to spread the rumor about Olive’s promiscuity (Devine, Easy A). Marianne, the religious fanatic, and the school’s chastity queen, blames Olive unexpectedly about her promiscuity. Olive wears a cloth of a notorious student. During the English class, she identifies herself as Hester Prynne, the woman condemned by her neighbors in the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne (Devine, Easy A). Olive confides the truth to her bullied gay friend, Brandon, suggesting to her to lie that he had slept with a girl. Brandon asks for help from Olive, and the two pretends to have had sex in a party. Olive’s reputation degrades. Outcast boys offer to pay Olive so as to improve their image too (Devine, Easy A). Her new power even worked for adults. The teacher Mr. Griffith, and his estranged wife, the guidance counselor who ends up entangled in embarrassments. She finally lost control of the situation and had to take an attitude to revert it. The main female character is Olive Penderghast. The real name of the actor is Emma Stones. In the film, she makes an innocent lie to avoid camping with her best friend, Rhiannon, together with her weird parents. She claims she had gone on a date while she had spent the weekend doing tedious things like singing alone in the room, painting her nails and the nails of her dog (Devine, Easy A). Another female character is Marianne, Amanda Bynes. She is the righteous religious girl in the film. She lights the fuse on olive’s lie and goes ahead in spreading it. Rhiannon, Aly Michalka, is also a female character in the film. She sets peak in the play (Devine, Easy A). Olive Penderghast, the virgin high school girl, never wanted to

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