Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Cherokee Removal essays

Cherokee Removal essays In my opinion the removal of the Cherokee Indians wasnt justified at all. The Cherokee Indians had settled in Georgia a long time before the European settlers had settled. Now you would think that the government would respect the fact that the Cherokee Indians were there first and that they adapted to the land first. Congress had no right to pass an act called the Indian Removal Act. This act allowed Jackson to go on with his goal of relocating Eastern Native American west of the Mississippi River. Then Georgias lawmakers decided to say that Cherokees could not testify against any white man or dig for gold in their own nation. If youre going to take away what is so close and dear to them, then you should just make them slave, because you already taken away their hopes, dreams, and pride. No person should deserve all of this no matter what race they are. The Supreme Court told the white settlers that they couldnt settle on their land, but do you think that they listened? No they di dnt. Instead they decided to disrespect their land. The white settlers caused so much pain and suffering. To end their pain some got up and left on their own. But there were 18,000 Cherokee Indians werent that reluctant to go. They were/are called the National party. Eventually they got the boot. They had to travel 1,000 miles to their new territory, and on that long journey 4,000 Indians died. They didnt even get to reach their new home. They had to leave the graves of their love ones never to see them again. I just dont get it, they caused no pain or harm to any of those settlers. But yet those settlers had no problem causing pain and harm to them. I take personal offense to this because my great-great grandfather was half Cherokee Indian and his family had to do through this. Nobody deserves to be uprooted from his or her home for any type of reason. Now if I were a Cherokee Indian back at ...

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