Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Personality Strengths for a Checkered Career Essay

Personality Strengths for a Checkered Career - Essay Example Indeed in a world where business is no longer insulated from the 21st century globalized competition, being flexible is more of a virtue that is crucial in penetrating the obstacles erected by even the most conservative cultures in history. Noteworthy, ingesting every ideas supplied by nature is in itself detrimental career-wise. Success is determined by how one critically separate useful from non-useful ideas in presented in different circumstances. Through my analytical nature, I have learnt to my voice my opinion whenever necessary, giving well-reasoned out thoughts/feedbacks capable of furthering projects with viable prospects, for organizational ventures are but products of teamwork. While important in organizational wellbeing, Idea Generation is only a single a process that must be augmented by elements. Implementation of such ideas requires strategy/focus. I am more determined than ever to being part of the solution to existing organizational problems by executing the assign r esponsibilities using the best route possible, for innovation is the new, indispensable competition front that any organizations, including my dream destination, cannot do without. Being adaptable to the ever changing circumstances, I am more than certain that I will monitor and adjust/recommend adjustments to organizational plans whenever necessary. Not forgetting the importance of being self-assured, I am more than prepared to motivate colleagues towards believing in themselves and their abilities. Finally, I have tested my resolve to challenges the status quo through innovative ideas, and so come with responsibility. From the very quality of work done to being time conscious, I am more than committed to presenting my commensurable worth in bringing change that the society so needs. Value Addition My education at The Johns Hopkins University, the internships, as well as the experiences in volunteering did help a great deal in equipping me with the professional skills needed as a m arketing researcher. I now consider myself not only a professional, but a responsible individual grounded with certain fundamental work ethics to begin with in any would be destination-organization. Taking responsibility is a much wider concept in organizational growth context, and work ethics is no exception, for the image projected to the public at large depends much on individuals’ responsible decision-making and/or actions summed up together. A marketing executive is a messenger; a messenger with a mission of diverting traffic towards services/products that are in competition for a sliver of potential market. Ethics is, thus, essential in the entire message delivered, which in every sense, must be done in time and within the confines of professional standards. As a foundation of professionalism in this area of service, knowledge is vital. However, it is always never enough as its acquisition is a lifelong process. With all these knowledge, I look forward to a superb caree r where challenges are taken positively and mistakes ingested as learning opportunities but minimized as much as possible. It is important to note that while the delivery of organizational targets may be a priority, doing so at the expense of work ethics

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