Saturday, October 12, 2019

Freedom of Expression Must be Upheld in America Essay -- Argumentative

Freedom of Expression Must be Upheld in America It's the amendment all United States citizens know: the first. This amendment is so huge that there is even an organization dedicated to protecting the rights guaranteed by it called the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Some people nowadays disagree with the idea that freedom of expression is guaranteed, believing only freedom of speech and religious practices are express rights given by the constitution in the first amendment, and that the term "freedom of expression" is too broad an interpretation. Art, clothing, and other forms a person uses to express themselves can be severely limited some people argue; however if they were to take a look at some of the important events in the world's history, they would see that people, if they are not given the right of freedom of expression, don't express their opinion in a pacifistic manner. The Vietnam War is a perfect example of this; it shows many different ways of freedom of expression and how, if suppressed, the can get ugly. For instance, when people were peacefully protesti...

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