Monday, August 26, 2019

Create a marketing plan for the next year from a case study Essay

Create a marketing plan for the next year from a case study - Essay Example Because of high sugar content, governors may remove status of 5-a-day from fruit juice and smoothies (Mintel, 2014).There are several governmental initiatives undertaken in order to reduce the amount of sugar people consume. However, until the 5-a-day guidance in relation to fresh juices and smoothies is not removed, the companies can use it as powerful marketing tool (displaying 5-day-logo on packaging) (Keynote, 2015). In 2014, Public Health England published a guidance on sugar consumption and policy â€Å"Sugar Reduction: Responding to the Challenge†. This publication addressed the problems of sugar consumption between 2008 and 2012, including fruit juice, and other food and drink items. This publication outlined some actions, including: launch of national-wide digital marketing campaign addressing the problems of sugar consumption; necessity to conduct analysis and evidence reviews on different subjects, including advertising of food and drink to children. Also, the PHE informed about a necessity to consider imposition of taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks (Keynote, 2015). GDP in the UK has shown year-on-year growth between 2010 and 2013. Taking into consideration uncertain economic conditions across the globe, the UK’s economy demonstrates stability and continuous recovery after financial crisis (Keynote, 2015). This trend positively impact consumer’s purchasing confidence. Since 2013 consumer confidence in the UK has continued its rising. Moreover, it is forecasted that consumer confidence will continuously grow during the next five year (Mintel, 2014). It means that consumers will have greater psychological freedom to buy more, including fruit juices, juice drinks, and smoothies. The purchasing behaviour of the UK population has changed towards more healthy foods and drinks. As people become more health conscious, they

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