Friday, August 9, 2019

Health for community and people across lifespan Essay

Health for community and people across lifespan - Essay Example People are influenced by a variety of life issues and circumstances. It was highlighted that some are predictable or might be chosen at the same time some are unpredictable. In a situation where life became suddenly changed there will be consequences that might be out of control and an individual becomes stressed. Both ideas involve broad view, for an instance issues like redundancy or divorce may be predictable while other people are not expecting to lose their job or divorced. Nevertheless, life changing events frequently involves positive learning also risk of stress (Aldworth et. al2010). Page: 159, This assignment deals with health needs in the community in order to meet the provision across lifespan, the perspective of people regarding inclusion, access to choice, and disengagement of services. Also, factors affecting access to health care of an individual from the perspectives of social, health and behavioural science theory. Also the role of a nurse within the multi-disciplinary team will be explored in the delivery of holistic care. And it relates to an individual in decision making. In the scenario, it is very evident that social exclusion is present and it will reflect on this assignment. However, a recommendation and advice will be made for the individual on how to promote health, wellbeing and lifestyle (University of Bedford). The main focus of this essay is Gladys a 51 year old lady. She parted from her husband soon after the delivery of Joshua and presently divorced. At present, she lives with her two sons, her granddaughter and her father in-law in a 4 bed roomed house through the housing association. Presently, she is a full time carer for her granddaughter and her father in-law. She does smoke roll-ups, but unable to afford a car (University of Bedford). She was separated from her husband right after the birth of Joshua, which shows her tendency towards the postnatal depression. Postnatal depression

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