Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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The School Voucher Debate THE SCHOOL VOUCHER DEBATE In reading these articles, I did not understand the religious school involvement and school vouchers. There was one statement in the first article Court Discusses Vouchers, that stated that in Cleveland use school vouchers and that they can be used at fifty-one other schools, but there are nine schools that they cannot use the vouchers at, and they are all Catholic schools. To me this seems to be a religious prejudice going on in that area against the Catholic religion. I understand the purpose for vouchers and what would be involved. The money that is used to give out school vouchers comes from the public system of resources. I can see why people would be against vouchers. They worry that it will drain the resources for other public things. At the same time though, in the second article America’s boldest governor, it had stated that if the vouchers were properly designed, they would only drain the public resources at the same rate as a resource-consuming pupils. Therefore, students that are not doing well, drain more funds from the public system than other students that are doing good in school, and if vouchers are able to give those students who have been doing badly is school improve with time, the money used from the public system will balance out. Obviously, the students and parents of the lower class would benefit from vouchers. The school and public system do not benefit from vouchers. Schools for the reason that some schools will have to improve their school overall, or they will lose students to better equipped schools, since students of any background will be able to attend any school they like. I do feel that vouchers would lead to better curriculum among several schools, which would provide for educational excellence. The schools would be thriving to keep the number of students attending the school up. They would have to adjust to better themselves if vouchers were made available. Equity within schools would be achieved if vouchers were made available to students of all races, class, and status. Vouchers would allow students of several different cultural backgrounds and social class to attain and school they wish.

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