Saturday, August 10, 2019

Journel 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Journel 6 - Essay Example for native cultures that was not distorted by the westernized way of life where the icon lived, an inner strength that made her overcome all the odds to emerge an icon, a love for fashion that relates to her culture and respect for cultural background especially with regard to the mode of dressing among women. Unlike other texts that present a violent cultural icon especially due to the racist ideologies of the past, the icon in this case presents a different image that represent calmness, inner peace and confidence in whatever she did. The cultural icon is regarded as one of the pioneers who helped in reshaping culture, music and arts especially among the people of African origin and helped them to spread their skills across the globe due to her prowess in compositions, all which were deeply rooted in the classical Christian theology that she closely practiced (Boodram, 2012). Therefore, the icon stood for a strong feminist advocate who declared the strong power of women especially as a minority in world that was ruled by racial ideologies and racial suppressions. Interestingly, the icon did not hip upon herself an iconic or a hero status in his artistic work. On the contrary, she presented herself as a humble person with a duty to ensure her country men (especially with regard to the descendants of the black immigrants) would find a better place under the sun through her endless efforts. Her humbleness and simplicity was, therefore, a contradiction to the iconic and heroic role attributed to her after achieving her dreams. Boodram, Kim. Pat Bishop dies: Cultural icon collapses during meeting with Planning Minister. Trinidad Express, August 20, 2011. April 16,

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