Saturday, August 24, 2019

Radiation Treatment of Foods Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Radiation Treatment of Foods - Research Paper Example The preservation of the quality of the food in terms of flavor, texture and components is also another advantage of the radiation method as compared to other methods (Alothman et al. 201). The first benefit of radiation in food preservation is in terms of effectiveness in disinfection from different forms of contaminants. The use of radiation is recognized as a physical and non-thermal method of food preservation also referred to as cold-pasteurization used to decrease or even remove pathogens and contaminants from food. The process is commonly used for the â€Å"removal of pathogens in fruit juices, hindering the spoilage of seafood and meat products and prevention of microbial growth such as Salmonella in poultry products.† Lower doses referred to as radurization are used to hinder enzyme action such as sprouting and ripening (Dionisio et al. 1267). The process of decontamination then can improve the shelf-life of the food and related products (Alothman et al. 202). The effi ciency of radiation treatment on the basis of price and time is another important advantage. The process of radiation treatment is time-efficient due to the fact that compared to other methods it has short processing time.

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